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June 06, 2008


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Chad Sakac

@Mike - the ILO/RAC is non-existent. I use a KVM and the 'ol manual method.

That's the biggest downer of the whiteboxes to date - but I've got to say, it's pretty easy, with ESXi of course you configure that mgmt interface, then do everything via the vSphere Client.


"if you're going to take VMware as seriously as I think everyone should"

Then maybe you should take your cabling seriously; those wires look like Lionel Richie with a bad hair day.

Chad Sakac

@Anon - LOL - aint that the truth! if you look at the post on the work lab, you can see it has very nice cable routing.

At home - it's bad (and has gotten a LOT worse since I took this shot - have added 4 more hosts, and another pair of GbE switches!

The only thing that you got wrong is tha Lionel Richie has NEVER HAD a bair hair day!


Brian Lee

Hi Chad,

I plan to buy the following network storage from iomega to be used as the shared storage.
Do you think that it will work with ESX 3.5?

iomega 33872 1TB Network Storage
Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
Port RJ-45: 1 x 10/100/1000M
Supported Protocols: Microsoft (CIFS/SMB) Linux/UNIX (NFS) Apple (AFP) and Apple Bonjour support Internet (HTTP 1.1) FTP
Management: Management via user friendly web interface
RAID: RAID 0, 1 and JBOD


Michael Chapa

Hello Chad,

I am trying to build a home lab using ESX4i but all of the links to newegg.com hardware are out of date. Does anyone have a list of intel and AMD HW configs with MB and CPU (quad core) that work well with ESX4i for a reasonable price? I plan on getting an Intel Pro 1000 NIC to add to the system.

Also when is the iomega ix2 going to support iscsi ??

Kind Regards,



Hi Chad,

Does the Q6600 support FT? Have looked (not very well) via google, but haven't been able to find anything on it. Thanks, and great post.


Chad Sakac

@Josh - thanks for the comment! The Q6600 worked with FT just fine...



I purchased new computer.the configuration is i3 530 2.9Ghz processor,DH55TC Motherboard,2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM,500GB Seagate Sata Harddisk,Samsun Sata DVD drive.i am trying to install VMware ESX 3.5.But it’s showing error “Unable to find a supported device to write the VMware ESX Server 3i 3.5.0 image to and No driver found. Select Driver/Use a Driver Disk/Back”.How to install VMWare ESX 3.5.also i am install ESX 4.0.it’s showing error”No compatible network adapter found.please consult the products” and “Network-adapters returned critical failure” in vmkernal mode (ALT+F12).

I enabled VT technology in bios,


Please help me.Thanks in advance,Velmurugan

Dedicated Server

Wow, you don't mess around when it comes to this. I've been toying with the idea of doing something similar, but this looks very time consuming to set up. Any tips for implementing something like this on a much smaller scale?


I had been installed ESX 3.5 and openfiler 2.2 on HP ML110 servers without any problem since nearly 3 years ago without any problem. Now this system has problem on hardware then I intend to upgrade to MSI motherboard and i7 core. First it failed cos NICs and Raid on motherboard did not supported by vmware ESX 3.5. Now I intend to buy intel pro 1000 PT NICs and Smart Array e200 128mb to work with ESX driver with the mother board/i7 system. Servers are ready but NIC and Raid controller parts have not coming yet for testing. Does this sound good to work? Any idea?

velmueugan, you have the same problem with my new system. You should try as my new system. I will let you know soon.


Hello Chad,

My small business system has been using ESX 3.5 and Openfiler 2.2 since 2008 still now. Now system slow down that I intend to upgrade hardware as MSI VT supported motherboard, intel i7 core, 12G ram but ESX 3.5 did not recognize NIC and motherboard RAID driver.

I did some research and bought intel pro PT 1000 NICs, either HP smart array e200 PCI express 128Mb (supports raid 5). Does it sound good to work with ESX 3.5? Pls advise. Thanks


Hi Chad,

I received NIC and array controller e200 already. Here are the result:
A. esx3.5
NIC intel pro 1000 pt are recognized by ESX3.5
HP E200 smart array controller are not recognized by ESX >> any comment to help me solve this problem?

Openfiler 2.2 or 2.3 did not recognized E200 too.

B. ESXi 4.1
Both NIC intel pro 1000pt and E200 work well.

The problem is I have license for ESX 3.5, VCenter for esx 3.5 only. CDo you have any idea?


The ESX 3.5 is working fine now with e200 controller after updating the update 3 of ESX 3.5 drivers


Hi Chad,

Just want to update. I tested successful ESX3.5 and openfiler 2.3 on customized 4 servers: MSI motherboard, Intel i7 core, 12Gram, e200 IO controller (vmware esx update 3 is a must) to run RAID 5 Max 3Gbyte, intel pro/1000 PT nics. Both run very fast which VM machines (2003, 2008, redhat, xp)response very fast too.

I will try to build clustering on those system this weekend.


Regina Ali

Chad - have you updated this for vsphere - can you please share

Cesar Caminero

The links to download the new Workstation and ESX versions of the Besser UBER : Celerra VSA UBER v2 are here:



Cesar Caminero

Actually, the newest version is here:



Thanks! Great post you have written on "Building a Home VMware Infrastructure Lab". Really I can say that your post is very informative, I'll come across your blog again when you will update it with new.


I wish i have this in my house

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