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June 27, 2008


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Here are some:

das.failuredetectiontime amountofseconds (60 seconds = 60000 Timeout time for isolation response actions)
das.isolationaddress IPAdress (Address used by the host to verify isolation status)
das.isolationaddress2 IPAdress (backupaddress for the isolation satus)
das.poweroffonisolation Boolean (False or true ensure all VM's remain powerd on)
das.vmMemoryMinMB Value (Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.)
das.vmCpuMinMHz value(Higher values will reserve more space for failovers.)
das.defaultfailoverhost Hostname (First choise to which VM's will failover)

Source, which is a great Blog btw:

And his source:

Forbes Guthrie

Hi Chad,

here is the VMware document link to the Advanced HA options:


However, there are a lot of advanced settings I've not been able to get hold easily, i.e. Advanced DRS options.

I'm currently trying to put a wiki together to start collecting all advanced options. I'll let you know when I make it visible online.

Cheers, Forbes.


I had the same issue a while back in a classroom setup. I just changed the gateway to temporarily fix it. But this is a better solution! Thanks,

Chad Sakac

Thanks all so much for all the comments with more advanced options - more fun to play with!


Thanks for the article and information.

Did someone feedback you, the screen shot you posted are not easily readable, even when i click on the image i see it is of same size.

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