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February 16, 2017


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Matthew R

Happy Birthday VxRail!It is going to be an unbelievable future.

Peter Figueiredo

We are now proudly new VxRail Customers. Tacking the HCI road was an important decision for us to modernize our Infrastructure and we decided to do it VxRail.

Deployment finished last week but it wasn't as easy as we thought. There are still some "compromises" that needs to be ironed out namely on the naming conventions for DC, Clusters, Datastores and internal vCenter Deployment.

Also, we would like to be less dependent on Webex sessions for deployment. We wanted something as much as possible "do it yourself" (following Dell EMC procedures of course).

To be honest, we are still a bit afraid of migrating mission critical workloads into our HCI Infrastructure. I suppose it is something that will disappear over time while the technology will mature. We are still very confident in Converged Systems (like Vblock) because we know it is rock solid. After all, it took years of engineering to develop such a product.

There is great potencial on VxRail Manager but it is still in it's early stages (I know, it is only 1 year old). More "flexibility" and new features are more than welcome.

Resuming, we are happy customers and we anxious to see what's next.

Best Regards,

Chad Sakac

@Peter - first of all, thank you for your confidence, and thank you for being customers! Furthermore, THANK YOU for the feedback. We've made progress in the year on VxRail manager and general ease-of use... and we're not going to stop. At the same time that we are working on the 4.next release train, there is a whole chunk of work on the 4.0 release train for hardening and general ease of use.

I also concur with your point of view - CI and HCI will coexist for the foreseeable future (years).

Thanks again - and if you ever need anything - drop me a line!

Gopi Reddy

Hi Chad,

May I know the DELL EMC strategy on VxRail Vs Nutanix in long-term prospects ?? can you provide clarity on this.

Abdoul Nasser SANKARA

Happy Birthday VxRail !!

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