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December 14, 2016


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One of the amazing things working at Dell EMC is the ability to educate yourself hand-on using vLabs. As an employee it is so easy to request online. Labs get provisioned within seconds and can be used from anywhere for self learning, demo or giving customer access.

I salute the vLabs team for their effort in bringing in new labs on a regular basis.

@ozprem #IWork4Dell

Mike Kutchik

Chad - I agree that Recoverpoint for VMs is a well kept secret. It seems like DellEMC is intent on keeping it that way for some reason. Check the Recoverpoint for VM "Related Offerings" page


You will see that there is no mention of Unity or VNX or VNXe. Kinda surprising since Recoverpoint for VMs is provided with all of those platforms and none of the related offerings. It can confuse potential clients and lead them to thinking that RP4VM is not included with Unity and VNXe (and VNX with essentials).

Its also almost impossible for customers to determine that 15 VMs worth of RP4VM are included with Unity. The only place I could find the count was in the Unity FAQ which is internal/partner access. I couldn't find any customer accessible docs that specified the 15 VM quantity. Some docs just mention the "starter pack" but then they don't tell you what is in the starter pack.

Recoverpoint for VMs is a great tool and value add for the small businesses whose needs naturally align with the smaller arrays like a Unity or VNXe. DellEMC should do more to make it easier for clients to understand exactly what comes with a Unity array.


Actually the https://portal.demoemc.com/ only allows registration employees and partners - badge Id or partner Id is required. Is there a way to create account for customer ?

Patricia Kreis

In response to 7400N, you are correct that vLab only allows employee and partner registrations. For customers looking to gain hands-on-lab experience, their SE can provision a vLab system on their behalf and provide the customer with the Session URL for direct access. Please feel free to reach out to vLab Support with any questions. vLab will also power hands-on-labs again this year at Dell EMC World 2017. Hope to see you there!

Gabe Tubbs

I'm so glad to see that Dell is continuing to double-down on this great resource and these amazing teams and tech. I remember applying for a position with the (back then...) Demo Cloud team through a blog you posted out with open positions, I spent 6 years building/operating/architecting vLab and HOL's to what they are today with Matt, Chris, Jason, Alan, Tricia, Alexey and a host of others amazing engineers and managers. We went from a little startup to winning the Presidents award and ultimately continuing to expand our service capabilities and customer base! It was a wild ride for me and I look back at those years as some of the best in my career so far, thank you for all of the support you have provided throughout the years. I look forward to all of the big things that both you and these teams will do in the future together... Who knows, maybe Intel and Dell-EMC work a bit closer in the future on the SDDC and HCI of the future and I'll get to work with the incredible engineers @ Dell/EMC in this space again to better the industry and our product sets together. Thank you for all you do Chad.

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