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November 10, 2011


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Wow! Awesome as ever Chad! :-)


Hey Santa Chad,

I really need that PX4 for my homelab to get started on vSphere 5. But we don't use any EMC storage devices. So to bad I can't share anything. Great giveaway btw! Keep them coming :D




Great chad

Adam Van Haren

Hi Chad,

We an EMC customer CX3-20 and NX4 (where a pretty small shop)
But we recently deployed a View 4.6 with 45 desktops on our NX4 using Wyse P20 zero clients and the feedback from the staff has been amazing!

We had been looking at desktop management software along the lines of dell kace solution with the added cost of purchasing new computers just made vdi sounds more attractive all the time.

We weren't sure if the baby NX4 was going to be up to the task but after running some vdi assesments it looked promising and to date it's been handling the io quite well.

We debated how to provision the desktops over nfs or fc and ended up going with fc, composer and linked clones do a really good job on saving space and fibre was what we where comfortable with.

to sum it up it's been a great success and i wish we had the budget for a shiny new vnx but it just wasn't to be but the end result was good and that's a succesful project!

Peace out!

Robert Pfannkuche

Just checking if the px4 for the Xen Desktop on vSphere story is gone. We have xendesktop 4 on esx 5 with the desktops running on hyper-v. It's a goofy setup :)

Chris McNally

Dude, you rock! What great geek gifts.

Virtual Server Hosting

Hey Santa Chad, they should wish me luck to get that PX4 to start my VMware Sphere 5. Great giveaways Santa.

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