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May 14, 2010


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I think you should have had Adrian laying across the front of the group ... for fun of course.


Chad, I knew many of the vSpecialists already and met a lot more of them this week at EMC World. Without exception, I have been impressed with their knowledge about virtualization and the data center in general, as well as their energy and enthusiasm and willingness to go all out. Really a great team that's come together. They also rocked the shirts hard.

I can confirm, however, that they are all still mortal human beings. So if you think you know your stuff and want to work hard, then I encourage you to apply to join the team.


Chad - do you know one of your vSpecialists won one of the EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing awards? Denis Guyadeen won for the article "How to Trust the Cloud - Be Careful up There!"

We even made an exception and allowed him to accept in his vSpecialist (racing car) shirt instead of his Proven Professional #redshirt. Pictures on our Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/provenprofessional/4600842467/in/set-72157624046461320/

Roberto Covarrubias

Chad... Great conference.. vPlex rocked... Thanks for picking up on me at the TC session on Thursday :)

Scott Drummonds

The vSpecialist team is simply amazing. At least three times during my VMware booth duty a passing vSpecialist was dragged into customer discussions and performed incredibly. The fact that the vSpecialists were able and willing to assist the VMware staff with deep customer conversations is a hell of a statement about the character and quality of the team.

Mike Foley

It was an honor to be called out by Spellicy to hang out with these guys and share a few beers on Monday night. What an awesome team!


Am I the only one who noticed that 100% of the vSpecialists are guys? And no it's not a job requirement, as far as I know... just mildly entertaining to wonder where the ladies are in our cool part of the IT world.

Chad Sakac

@kelm - you are not the only one who noticed. I've noticed - in fact, talked about it on stage to the team and then the team leaders right after the camera shot.

Calling ALL people, of any sex, color, creed - if you are passionate and technical guru on VMware, Cisco, EMC technologies, and good with customers - I want to know you!

It's been crazy, but while the team has grown there have been virtually no female applicants - that's just NOT RIGHT.

... indeed - where are the ladies in our cool part of the IT world?


What a "TEAM" !!!, vSpecialist are beyond a doubt "THE BEST", and the "INDUSTRY" acknowledges the fact.

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